Who are we?

Did you know that the TOH-team actually met through hackathons?
Arne Jenssen, one of Trondheim´s most experienced hackathon-participants, and Hilde Gudvangen, met for the first time during the Next Media hackathon in late 2015. They were on the same (winning) team, and had the chance to get to know each other better, as the prize was free tickets to a conference.

The idea of Trondheim Open Hackathon was conceived after Hilde and Arne held a workshop “Innovation with Hackathon” hosted by our third team-member, Kristin Storli, from Midtnorsk Innovasjonsnettverk. The feedback from the workshop was so positive that we decided to organize TOH.

Trondheim, as the tech-capital of Norway, deserves to have its own open hackathon.
This is our first event, but certainly not the last.

Hilde Gudvangen

Kristin Senderud

Arne Jenssen


Help wanted!

Do you want to help organize TOH?

It is a great opportunity to get involved in the innovation community in Trondheim and to expand you network. If you are curious, drop us an email!